Medical Students


Severn View Family Practice is a surgery where students come to learn how to be doctors.

As a teaching Practice, we provide medical students with a place where they can talk to patients about their state of health and any illnesses that are affecting them. This helps students to understand how illnesses affect people and how they learn to cope with them day-to-day.

When you might see a medical student

  • Our Receptionist should warn you when a medical student is present with a Doctor/Nurse. If you would rather not have a medical student present during your consultation please tell Reception who will advise the Doctor/Nurse. Saying ’No’ will not have any effect on the care your receive.
  • You may be asked if the student can do the consultation while your doctor or nurse watches. The student may be asked questions. If something is said that you do not understand, please ask for clarification.
  • You may be asked to come into the surgery specially to talk to students about a problem which has been dealt with by the practice on an earlier occasion. You may be asked to see students about a longer standing problem to help them understand its effects on your life.
  • You may be asked for consent for medical student to video record your consultation.  This recording will be viewed by the doctor or student.  With your specific permission, it may also be taken to a teaching session at another practice where a group students and a GP tutor will view the recording and give feedback to the student.  This is a valuable learning tool for both medical students and experienced doctors.
  • You may be asked if students can visit you at home.
  • You may say no at anytime before or during the consultation.
  • You can also tell us to erase the recording at anytime either immediately after the consultation or weeks later. Such requests will not affect the care you receive from the practice.

How will you know they are medical students?

They will always carry photographic identification: usually a University Identity Card.

Please ask to see the identification if the students visit you at home. If you are prepared to see a medical student, a leaflet is available at reception on request, that may help answer some of your questions.

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