Drug and Alcohol Service

DHI’s integrated South Gloucestershire Drug and Alcohol Service is here to help anyone in the area who is struggling with drugs or alcohol. We mainly work out of hubs in Kingswood, Yate and Patchway, but we also travel around the area to help people in their local communities.

If you need support with your use of drugs or alcohol, then get in touch for free and confidential help.


0800 073 3011


01454 868750



How DHI can help –

How we help

Everyone who wants help from us will get an initial assessment. We then work with you and discuss your needs and how we can help. Our services include:

Alcohol is one of the main factors relating to ill health, including both your physical and mental health. Many people drink alcohol to help manage thoughts, emotions and every day life stressors. Without realising, your drinking level and tolerance increase and may result in you needing a drink every day.

Drinking to a high level is more common that you think. Many people are unaware of the dangers associated with drinking. So if you are worried and concerned about your current alcohol use, please contact DHI on the details above.

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