Henderson Rehabilitation Ward

Thornbury is lucky enough to have its own rehabilitation center Henderson Ward (Previously run from the Old Thornbury Hospital site)

Who is this service for?

The Henderson Rehabilitation Unit is an inpatient rehabilitation service now relocated to the top floor of The Grace Care Centre in Thornbury.

Access is available to all adults over the age of 18.

What we do

The unit has 20 beds and our teams provide intensive rehabilitation for:

  • people who are unable to safely return directly home following a hospital stay due to on-going rehabilitation and care needs and require intensive therapy to transfer home
  • people who are struggling in their own homes due to a reduction in mobility or function and require a short period of intensive inpatient rehabilitation to help them return safely home. This may prevent an admission into a hospital setting
How do I access this service?

A formal referral is required to access the facility. This will be either:

  • from a hospital professional to facilitate a discharge from a hospital bed
  • from a GP or other community professional if access is required to ‘step up’ a person from their home

I’m a clinician – how do I make a referral to this service?

A referral would be made in one of 2 ways:

  • a referral would be completed on a Single Referral Form (SRF) within the hospital and would be managed by the Integrated Discharge Team (IDS), through the Integrated Care Bureau (ICB) for a ‘step down’ bed
  • a referral would be taken through our Single Point of Access (SPA) team on 0300 1256789 if a ‘step up’ from the community was required
Service provided by Sirona

Henderson Rehabilitation Unit

The Grace Care Centre,
Whitebridge Gardens,
BS35 2FR


Tel: 0300 125 6117

Leaflet Library

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History of the Old Thornbury Hospital Site (previous home to the Henderson ward)

The present hospital site date from 1840 when Thornbury workhouse (“Spike House”), was built. There is also record of an “isolation hut” in Thornbury although this was remote from the current site. The current ward buildings were constructed 1880-1932 and eventually named after Drs. Grace and Henderson (Dr Douglas Henderson was Dr E M Grace’s son-in-law). The hospital had its own clinical teaching unit and nursing school, and farmed its own food including a vegetable garden and pigs. In the late 1990’s, the eastern end of the plot on the other side of the pre-fabricated outpatients department was sold for development. The workhouse building which was turned into residential flats and Beech House, Thornbury’s nursing home, was constructed at the other end, with private houses filling the rest of the site.

Our thanks to Mrs Carole Duckett and Thornbury Museum in helping to compile this page.

Future Development

At the time of publishing, the future of the buildings and services at Thornbury hospital is tied into the Bristol Hospital Plan. This looks at the re-development of North Bristol Trust and its satellite facilities, which, if it goes ahead, would mean the centralisation of acute hospital services on the Southmead site. This would necessitate expansion of services and investment at a number of other sites including Thornbury.

Despite several Steering Group meetings the financing of replacement buildings for the outdated Victorian Wards and outpatient buildings has not moved forward. Severn View Family Practice continue to engage with the Commissioning Board over future developments

Discussions continue…..

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