Tests and Results

Please ring Reception for your result telephone 01454 412599 after 11.30 am 

It is always a good idea during a consultation if tests are suggested to ask the ordering clinician what you should do if all the tests are normal. as a general rule, it is not a good use of our doctors or nurses time to discuss normal results.

  • Please ask the clinician taking a test to note what results you need to phone up for.
  • Results do not always come back to the practice together.
  • Check off your results as you get them back from reception.
  • Doing this avoids the possibility of missing a result if there has been a delay in its return to the practice.

Blood Tests please wait a week before telephoning for results. After 11.30am

X-Rays please wait 10 days before telephoning for results.

Please telephone for test or X-Ray results after 11.30 am. Because of the pressure on the telephones in the morning, results will not be given out before 11.30 am.

The receptionist will pass on a message from the GP or nurse if a result is outside the ’reference range’ or requires further action. Blood tests often produce results outside the ’reference range’. this happens on average 1 in 20 tests in healthy people with nothing wrong with them. We often repeat these tests to establish if there is a problem or not.

Our doctors or nurses do not have time to discuss normal results or results with minor abnormalities with every patient.

If you feel you have not been given enough information or have a specific question, you can ask the receptionist to ask the doctor for more details. This will be on the next day the doctor is in the practice and you will be asked to telephone after 4 pm the following day for the answer. If at this stage, you have not arrived at the information you feel you need, you will be offered a telephone appointment with the doctor or nurse who originally ordered the test.

If a result is sufficiently abnormal to cause any immediate medical concerns the doctor will contact you themselves.

If a doctor wants to discuss a test result where there is no significant level of concern, they may ask reception to book you in for a routine telephone call.

Diabetes, heart Disease or Stroke Prevention, NHS Health Checks. Any queries about these results will be directed to the appropriate nursing team rather than a doctor. A large number of tests are carried out as a part of diabetes, heart disease or stroke prevention reviews or are done as part of NHS health checks. These areas are predominantly run by highly trained nurses in our practice.

Tests ordered by Hospital Consultant: These results do not return routinely to the practice but to the consultant ordering them. It is the consultant’s responsibility to act on the results and to let you know the results. If you have not been given the results you should telephone the consultant’s secretary. If you do not have their telephone number the hospital switchboard will be able to put you through. Failing that, our receptionist will find the number for you.

For more information visit the Patient UK Website.

Please ring Reception for your result telephone 01454 412599 after 11.30am

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