Doctors Private Professional Fees – Non NHS Charges

Some services provided are not covered under our contract with the NHS and therefore attract charges. 

These fees are in line with BMA guidance. Last reviewed 9/1/2024

 Access to records

Subject Access request Free*

* = subject to non-excessive requesting – if request is deemed excessive then an administration charge can be levied

Written report, no examination, providing a detailed opinion and statement on the condition of the patient (30 mins)                                £133.00

E.g. Including: accident or sickness insurance to support a claim for payment of benefit under accident or sickness insurance policy employment report pre-employment, or report on an employee, requested by an employer fitness for education to attend university, college, teacher and nurses training and, for dentists, completion of the form of application for first registration of a dentist issued by the GDC pharmaceutical trials report on suitability of patient to take part as non-patient volunteer private medical insurance: report on prospective subscriber to a private medical insurance (PMI) scheme (eg BUPA, PPP, WPA, etc).

For written reports exceeding the allotted time, a further charge of £22 per each additional 5-minute interval will be applied.

Doctors must agree the time and payment in advance.

Simple Letter/Certificates
Simple statements of fact – to whom it may concern
Attendance allowance/disability living allowance        £18.50
Appeal letters                                                                       £18.50
Blue Badge                                                                                             £18.50
Shotgun or firearms report                                                              £89.50
Private sick note (excluding obligated stat. sick pay)                    £30.00
Freedom from infection; school, travel, employment                    £30.00
School Fees and Holiday insurance forms                            £30.00
Accident and sickness insurance claim form without examination    £30.00
Validation of private medical insurance or claim support            £30.00
Fitness for sport                                                                              £30.00
DVLA – Fitness to drive                                                                          £40.00
Lasting Power of Attorney – Property & Financial Affairs/Health and Welfare *subject to complexity*From £89.50 – £133.00
Extract from records (15 mins)                                            £67.00
Report on a pro-forma, no examination (20 mins)         £89.50
Written report, no examination, providing a detailed opinion and statement on the condition of the patient (30 mins)           £133.00
Driving Medical/examination – simple form  – with written report/opinion                                                                        £89.50
Pre-employment medical/examination –simple form               £89.50
with written report/opinion                                                   £110.00
Other medicals/examinations – simple form                    £89.50
with written report/opinion                                                           £110.00
Private Smear Test
Registered Patients -(plus £55 to North Bristol NHS Trust)       £30.00
Non-registered patients -(plus £55 to North Bristol NHS Trust) £35.00
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