‘Urgent and Emergency’ Prescriptions

From a medical perspective, prescriptions are rarely urgent. For the vast majority of medicines missing a day or two of medication is not dangerous. However we do recognise that patients can often feel anxious about missing medication doses and for this reason we do accept that some requests may be considered as urgent.

Requests for urgent prescriptions will only be accepted in writing when you have less than 4 working days medication left of any Item that cannot be purchased over the counter.

The GP will need to send the prescription to the pharmacy hub for them to complete so it is faster for you to email the pharmacy hub directly (BNSSG.severnviewprescriptions@nhs.net).

For anyone who has run out of medication that cannot be purchased over the counter please put a request in writing to the GP surgery (this can be done via our online consultation platform Klinik or via the reception desk) or send an email marked as ‘URGENT FOR TODAY’ directly to the pharmacy hub. We will endeavour to get a prescription to the phamacy of your choice by the end of the day.

Whilst this may seem inconvenient to patients on occasions, we ask you to bear in mind that an interruption to sign one person’s prescription can result in the inconvenience to patients’ care and on occasions result in errors due to distraction.

For safety reasons we will no longer be signing prescriptions in an ad-hoc manner or taking requests over the phone with the exception of housebound patients with no internet access.

Pharmacists can dispense medication that a patient has received before without a prescription where there is a genuine urgent clinical indication- please use 111 online to arrange for an emergency prescription

Emergency prescriptions – NHS 111

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