‘Urgent’ Prescriptions

From a medical perspective, prescriptions are rarely urgent. For the vast majority of medicines missing a day or two of medication is not dangerous. However we recognise that patients often feel anxious about missing medication doses for this reason we do accept that a few requests will be urgent.

Requests for urgent prescriptions will only be accepted in writing.

The GP will send the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice before the end of the day if possible, they will not be collected from the Surgery during Covid.

Whilst this may seem inconvenient to patients on occasions, we ask you to bear in mind that an interruption to sign one person’s prescription can result in the inconvenience to patients’ care and on occasions result in errors due to distraction.

For safety reasons we will no longer be signing prescriptions in an ad-hoc manner.

Pharmacist can dispense medication that a patient has received before without a prescription where there is a genuine urgent clinical indication.

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