Self-care Information

On average, people in the UK experience nearly four symptoms every fortnight, 80% of which can be managed by self-care. One in five GP visits are for common conditions, such as backache, headache or cough.

The ‘Self Care Forum’ provides fact sheets for common ailments. They explain how to help yourself, when you should see a GP, and additional information on healthy living. They also have tips for living with long-term conditions.

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Low Back Pain


Heartburn and digestion

Fever in children


Headache and Migraine



Sprains and Strains

Sore Throat

Middle ear infection

Common cold


Urine symptoms in men

Venous Disease – Looking after your legs

Boosting your mood

COVID19 Series – Getting help from your pharmacist

Urine leakage (Urinary incontinence)

LONG Covid and POST Covid symptoms

Power of Self Care (Wellbeing)



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